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Financial struggles beset millions of Americans every year and can impact all aspects of life, both mental and physical. Dexter & Dexter’s bankruptcy attorneys possess the experience and expertise to help restore your peace of mind and provide a fresh start for you and your family.

Purpose of Bankruptcy

Our nation fashioned bankruptcy relief to afford those of us down on our luck the opportunity to
reset our financial affairs. If you are overburdened by debts owed for credit cards, medical bills,
emergency expenses, and the like, then time is of the essence. You want to stop adverse creditor
action such as wage garnishment, foreclosure, asset seizures, and lawsuits. We can help assess
whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy could alleviate—or even eliminate—these

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Debt Elimination

Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers consumers the opportunity to discharge certain unsecured debts,
such as unpaid medical expenses, rent, personal loans, and credit card charges. To be eligible,
you must earn less than the state median income listed here. (Note that the permissible income
increases with the size of your family, and you may still be eligible though your income exceeds
the threshold if you fall under certain statutory exceptions.) As part of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you
may need to surrender some assets in exchange for this benefit, but that bargain is more than
worth it for many debtors.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Debt Reorganization

Meanwhile, Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows individuals to reorganize and repay debts through a
single monthly installment. Unlike a Chapter 7, you need not surrender assets to creditors in a
Chapter 13. Instead, the court will give you three to five years (sometimes longer) to complete
the debt repayment process, during which time you are completely protected from collection
actions and creditor harassment. What’s more, this type of bankruptcy can resolve debts that a
Chapter 7 bankruptcy cannot, such as non-dischargeable tax obligations or those arising from
property settlements in divorce or separation proceedings. In short, if you earn a regular income
and your combined secured and unsecured debts do not exceed $2,750,000, then Chapter 13
bankruptcy may offer the ideal solution to reclaim your financial solvency.

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