Estate Planning in Utah

Estate Planning Estate Planning is the process of establishing a process of designation regarding someone’s assets, property and estate, documents, and other liabilities. This process is done while the client is alive in the event that they become incapacitated, or passes away. It can be a complex process, and it is important to work with […]

Personal Injury Attorney Utah

Personal Injury Attorney Unfortunately, life is unpredictable and, at times, can seem quite unfair. Each day, many people are injured and some are even killed by the negligence and careless acts of others. These tragedies impact not only the injured parties but their spouses, families, and employers. Wisely, Utah law provides an avenue for recovery […]

Estate Planning FAQ for the State of Utah

Utah Estate Planning FAQ If you live in Utah and are planning your estate, you may have questions about what is and is not allowed under Utah law. This blog post will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about estate planning in Utah. Q: What is estate planning? A: Estate planning is the […]

Utah Personal Injury FAQ

Personal Injury Attorney FAQ Being a victim of a car accident or personal injury can be overwhelming. Dealing with economic damages, insurance companies, and medical bills is a lot to bear. Working with an injury lawyer can get you compensation for your injury and medical bills. This personal injury FAQ will address commonly asked questions […]

Advice For Those After a Car Accident

What should I do after a car accident in Utah? There are a few key things to remember if you are unfortunate enough to be in a car accident. First and foremost, remain calm and assess the situation. If you are able, move your car to the side of the road to avoid blocking traffic. […]

Utah Bankruptcy Attorney

Know this before hiring a Utah Bankruptcy Attorney When it comes to personal finance, one of the most common fears is bankruptcy court and the process of filing for bankruptcy. The words bankruptcy and court alone conjure up images of credit card debt, lost homes, possessions, and livelihoods. But what exactly is bankruptcy, filing for […]

Annual DexterLaw Pool Party

Thank you to all who attended our annual DexterLaw Client Pool Party on Saturday, June 16th. The weather was wonderful and the company was even better. Thank you again for your trust, your confidence and your friendship. We love living in Utah Valley because of people like you!

STEP-PARENT ADOPTIONS: Completing Your Family

Posted by Zachary J. Starr, Attorney at Law Adopting as a Step-Parent A final adoption hearing may be the only legal proceeding that a person would actually enjoy attending. It is there that a judge formally creates and gives binding legal recognition to a parent-child relationship. It is quite remarkable that even Mother Nature takes […]

How To Choose a Divorce Attorney

Choosing a Divorce Attorney Posted by Zachary J. Starr, Attorney at Law When people come into my office for their initial consultation, I often remark that I am sure they would rather be somewhere else. It is not lost on me that the reason they are sitting across from my desk is because their marriage […]

Utah Bankruptcies Climbed 24% in 2010

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