The category of family law is a broad area of the law encompassing many areas such as divorce, separations, adoptions, paternity case, and much more.  Attorneys that work in this area often do so because they feel a connection to these important family issues.  The attorneys at Dexter & Dexter have wide and deep experience in these areas and can help you to navigate what is usually a particularly difficult time in your life and the life of our family.  The links below will give you an overview of some of the topics, issues, and laws.  However, you should know above all that most family law cases are very fact sensitive and the judges have wide discretion in deciding case.  While this information is given here to give you some information, you should always seek the advice from trusted legal counsel before making decisions that can affect you and your family for many years.  Call us for a free consultation today to discuss your legal concerns.

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Visitation Statutory Schedules

Children 0-5 years of age (Utah Code 30-3-35.5)

Children 5-18 years of age (Utah Code 30-3-35)

Long-Distance or Out-of-State (Utah Code 30-3-37)

Advisory Guidelines (Utah Code 30-3-33)

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