Personal Injury FAQ

Q: Do I have to file my personal injury suit at a particular time?
Yes, there is a time limit within which you must file your personal injury lawsuit. This time limit is known as SOL or Statute of Limitations. Every U.S state has its own Statute of Limitations. In Utah, the SOL is four years. If the Statute of Limitations has expired then you cannot file a lawsuit. You must be sure to file before this date.

Q: What sorts of damages which can be claimed under Personal Injury Law?

A:Personal injury law provides compensation for various types of personal injuries including conscious pain, suffering and trauma. In case you have suffered some additional damages such as damage to vehicle/property, then it is covered as well.

Q: How much do you charge?

A:Personal injury/wrongful death and class action cases are taken on contingency, meaning DexterLaw attorneys have the confidence and skills to represent their clients with no money up front and charging nothing unless they win or settle your case.  In short, your interests and the interests of the firm are completely aligned. Upon winning or settling, we charge a one-third contingency fee.

Q: What is the process?

A:Reaching a proper resolution concerning your personal injury claim involves four distinct phases:

Treatment/Documentation Phase:  This phase includes all necessary doctor visits and medical treatments related to your case.  During this phase our firm obtains all medical records, employment records, and other records related to your case.

Demand Phase:  This next phase involves our office drafting a demand letter that outlines how the accident occurred, the extent of injuries sustained, treatment received, and impact on quality of life.  A demand packet is then organized that includes the demand letter and all necessary records (medical, employment, etc.) relating to your case.  This demand packet is submitted to the opposing insurance carrier.

Negotiation/Settlement Phase:  This final phase involves our office negotiating a fair settlement on your behalf.

Litigation Phase:  This phase occurs only if a settlement is not reached, and involves going to court.  The overwhelming majority of our cases do not reach this phase

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