Pre-Marital Agreements in Utah

While no one enters marriage expecting it to fail, the reality is that, statistics demonstrate that, at least half of all marriages will end in divorce. This reality provides good cause to consider executing a premarital agreement prior to marriage in order to better protect personal assets, property interests, and to preemptively reduce potential divorce battles concerning alimony and property distribution.

While someone interested in obtaining a premarital agreement typically has acquired numerous assets and net wealth, even those without much net worth at the outset of marriage should consider a premarital agreement as a way to provide a more predictable and fair outcome upon divorce.

The Utah Uniform Premarital Act provides strict requirements and limitations in the content, disclosure, and execution of premarital agreements.  Because premarital agreements are special form of contract, obtaining an attorney with experience is crucial to ensure that the protection sought is actually obtained. The family law attorneys at Dexter & Dexter have the expertise necessary to provide meaningful advice and to either draft or review a premarital agreement in order to accomplish the desired purposes unique to each individual and marriage.

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